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The park and the forest

The property includes a 3000 m2 park and a 4000 m2 forest. The park is full of fruit trees (olive trees, apple trees, cherry trees, fig trees, pomegranate trees, apricot trees, strawberry trees, peach trees), wild berries (blueberries and blackberries), medicinal plants (lavender, sage, rosemary). The second hosts dseveral species of plants that constitute the so-called "Mediterranean bush"; some of them are protected and represent about a third of the entire floristic heritage of the region. There are the marine and Aleppo pine, the cypress, the cedar, and some types of broad-leaved trees including the holm oak, the elm, all present thanks to the reforestation work begun at the beginning of the last century.

The scent of flowers and medicinal plants creates an exciting sensorial pleasure that accompanies your stay and walks in total symbiosis with nature.

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