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The sea and the beaches

The rocks of the Conero plunge straight into the crystal clear waters of this part of the Adriatic as if to protect immaculate beaches, some of which can only be reached by boat or with services leaving from Numana (e.g. Spiaggia delle 2 Sorelle). But there are also many other beaches reachable by car or with shuttle services which are equally beautiful and particular: in Ancona the Trave beach, Mezzavalle beach, Portonovo beach, della Vela beach. In Sirolo the Spiaggia dei Gabbiani, that of Sassi Neri, of San Michele, and the renowned Spiaggia Urbani. All served with small restaurants where you can eat freshly caught fish or have an aperitif at sunset. You can also reach the free beaches of Marcelli di Numana, Porto Recanati or Falconara Marittima if you prefer. Everything within reach and in an area of maximum 15 kilometers of coastline to the south and north.

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